Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lullwater Rd.- Druid Hills “Yard Sales”

In front of two smaller adjoining Druid Hills homes I found a selection of clutter in the driveways. The first driveway had boxed sets of not too old National Geographics, a large exercise ball, a University of Alabama mug, an exercise mat, a box of something called Calpirinha mix, two food choppers and some door knockers. Resting on a table was a Gorham figurine of two overall wearing boys clutching their stomachs. Upon close inspection there were two corncob pipes next to the boys. Perhaps this was some anti smoking totem. Media included, “Kayaking” a set of Earl Nightengale CDs entitled “How to improve your memory”, “The Womanly art of Breastfeeding”, ”The Champion within You”, ”Practical Black Bass Fishing” and a small book called “What Every Woman should have”, there was also a Delta airlines sales learning CD.
The second driveway had less stuff. There I found a Cat in the Hat hat, a pile of golf clubs, three trashcans, a wooden mantle and a bassinet.

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