Thursday, October 20, 2005

Iverson Ave. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

A medium spread of clutter was in front of and on the porch of this two-story frame house. On the porch I found a large framed photo of the liberty bell, along with two smaller framed prints one of the Auburn creed, and another that simply posed the question “What is Auburn?” In the yard I found a bowling ball, a George Foreman grill, kneepads, a pair of inline skates, a disassembled Solaflex machine, a large pair of speakers, a pair of microwave ovens and a very large dog travel cage. Among the books I saw “The Gay Kama Sutra”, “The Buck Stops Here”, “Finding True Love in a Man Eat Man World”, “Idiots Guide to Golf” as well as several Tom Clancy novels and old management textbooks. On a table there were a few dozen CDs. The CDs included works by Garth Brooks, Boston, Clint Black as well as several DJ club mixes.
I bought nothing.

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