Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ridley Dir. – Decatur “Yard Sale”

There was a lot of older clutter in the yard of this bungalow not far from the noted corner of Ridley and Scott. One of the first items I came upon lying on a table was a Taser. At least it was marked “taser” but I could not make out the actual brand of this possible knockoff brand stunning device. I asked the seller if it worked and they replied that it did. But they told me they took the batteries out so no one would get hurt. Other stuff on the table included large Santa shaped candles, a model rocket, a weather radio, glassware and playing cards. A box of VHS tapes yielded a copy of “ How to Irritate People” as well as two videos of marching bands; “Massed Bands on Parade” and “Edinburgh Military Tattoo”. A box of books featured a number of war and military titles such as “Nine Days to Dunkirk” there was also an old copy of the “Pets Allowed Hotel Guide”
Scattered about the yard was a large selection of basement fodder that included no less then three disassembled ceiling fans with their blades stacked in a large aquarium, a fan driven gutter cleaner, a chain saw, some old luggage, a box of lamp harps, a large coil of coaxial cable, a bag of beanie babies and three drill presses.
I bought nothing.

Artwood Dr. - Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

In the driveway of this brick home I found a stack of Playboys, a weight bench, some men’s shirts, Men’s Health magazines, a copy of the “Idiots guide to beating debt”, some Sean Hannity books, a NEC TV, a copy of “The Purpose Driven Life”, “The Dummies Guide to Job Interviews”, “Road Map to Ecstasy” and a muscle building guidebook. Under a table was an old word processor, a sign that said “Life’s too short not to be Irish” and a nail dryer. Some LPs nearby included works by Aha, Queen and the Jesus Explosion.
I bought nothing.

Just a little further down Artwood was another sale. There I found an old Power Mac, a copy of ‘How to Use Your Time to Get things done”, a garbage disposal and a ceiling fan.
I bought two books here “Discriptionary: A thematic Dictionary” and “The Dictionary of Bias Free Usage” for a dollar each.

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