Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lullwater Rd- Druid Hills “Multi Family Sale”

This sale was cancelled due to rain last week. The sale was in the yard of a large colonial revival mansion that sits high at the end of a long steep drive way. At the top of the driveway I found a very large plastic kids puppet theatre that was marked sold, a rack of Mardi Gras beads with a sign saying that proceeds were going to disaster relief, Next to it were some snow skis. At the end of the drive some children were selling homemade Halloween décor. Most of the stuff for sale was in the yard and the bulk of it was toys. Among the toys I found yet another spin art kit, a bubble gum making machine, a children’s ice cream maker, an oversized tomahawk, an even more oversized Tonka truck and countless piles of small plastic playthings. Up on the porch were a few pieces of furniture, a guitar amp, an oversized pepper mill, a poster from the Freud museum and a naïve painting of a riverboat.
In the driveway were a few boxes of books. In them I came across “The Oxford Dictionary of Opera”, “The Little Encyclopedia of Superstitions” and a boxed set of “Baby’s First Impressions” on VHS. There was also a disassembled Nordic Track machine in the driveway.
I bought nothing.

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