Thursday, October 20, 2005

Arizona Ave. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was well picked through when I arrived. A lot of the stuff looked like it had dragged out of the basement several times for sales in the past. In front of this craftsman bungalow I found books on old house remodeling and computer programming, some classical LPs as well as an album of truck driving songs “High Balling Hits”. I also found another copy of “The Womanly art of Brest feeding”. In a case on a table was an unopened packet of Ross Perot trading cards. There were also old telephones, a decorative bottle of peppers in vinegar, three Wiley Coyote shampoo bottle tops, two card shufflers, a pair of Kreshes and a clarinet. Some larger items include a disassembled weight bench and a kerosene heater.
I bought nothing

Aldophus St. Lake Claire "Moving Sale”

There were so few things in this yard I had to ask if they were having a sale. In the yard I found a copy of the Trailer Park Tycoon game, two Atlanta Public Library books, a rebel flag belt buckle, some women’s clothes and a dinette set.
I bought nothing.

Later at home while browsing through the two books I purchased I decided that both would be helpful in my writing. But the books were in some ways contradictory. The Descriptionary tells me the Achilles Heel is one of 1050 words and phrases everyone needs to know. Yet the Dictionary of Bias free usage tells me not to use the phrase since it gives a male bias. It suggest using the term instead “chink in ones armor”. I am surprised that any bias free guide would ever encourage the use the word chink.

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