Wednesday, October 26, 2005

McLendon Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Directly across the street and up a steep driveway was another sale. As I made my way up the drive to the yard I relised I had visited this same site last year almost to the week. I had read last October’s entries in this journal the previous night and discovered that they were selling the same box of auto organizers I had mentioned a year ago. Aside from the organizers there was a lot less stuff than the prior year. Among the clutter in the yard was a print of a Noah’s ark scene, a child’s toilet seat, a breast pump, some old faucets, mini blinds and the ever present disassembled ceiling fan.
I bought nothing.

Tuxedo Dr. Lake Claire “ Yard Sale”

This sale was in the AJC and I had expected more to be in this driveway then there was but on a day like today you settle for what you get. I headed directly towards a bottle of Chateau Elan Blush wine but was sadly told it was not for sale but was just put out to demonstrate how a wine bottle holder worked. Looking around I found a battery operated Language Master translator, a copies of “Analysing the Presidency” and “ Chicken soup for a Woman’s Soul”, some fire place tools, two Tae Bo VHS tapes, a microwave oven and a pair of inline skates. While I was there I was happy to see buyers bringing their children in Holloween costumes to the sale. While there I ran into two other Saturday yard sale regulars, a local musician/writer and the food critic whose sale I had reported on several weeks ago. We discusses the lack of sales and could not comprehend the decline in quantity and quality. After the discussion I decided to head east towards Decatur.

Columbia Dr.- Decatur “Garage Sale”

After driving around being misled by small signs promoting a children’s 5K literary run, I came across this sale in the parking lot of a home remodeling business off Columbia Dr. Most of the stuff here appeared to have been unloaded out of the back of a truck in the parking lot. I was immediately not impressed with what I saw. The few notable things were a box set of the Left Behind books, an ever present disassembled ceiling fan, a box of mugs, a bunch of purses displayed on a step ladder and a Believe in Yourself journal that had never been filled in.
I bought nothing, but I am now considering doing a photo series of disassembled ceiling fans.

Patterson Ave. - Scottdale “Yard Sale”

I had seen this ad in Craigslist and wanted to see what a Scottdale sale would feature since I work near this former mill village. The sale was in the yard of one of actual old mill houses. When I arrived I found it was hosted by a local artist that that I see around clubs and galleries. Like any local artist she was in need of money and had the usual arty things for sale. Among the items found in her yard and porch was a bag of prayer clothes and other items sent to her by faith healers, a bowl of Xmas balls that she had painted, VHS tapes of films such as Bird, The Cooler and House of Sand and Fog. There was also a stack of food and wine magazines, a very big flatbed scanner, a copy of “The Thinking Cat’s Guide to The Millennium” a container of small rubber ducks, a naïve commemorative plate of South Carolina and a drunken figure with a light up nose leaning on a lamppost.
I bought nothing.

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