Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Oakdale Ave. Candler Park “Moving Sale”

This sale in the yard and drive way of a small ranch house next to a wonderfully eerie Second Empire frame Victorian mansion. Among the clutter gathered there is a Scottish Gaelic language course package, a copy of “Decoding Gender in Science Fiction” a set of kneepads, a stack of surfing magazines, “Final Cut Pro for Dummies” and a manual for restoring a 58 to 72 Impala. In the rear of the sale are some shelves containing several still in the package Lord of the Rings and Spawn characters. Also on the shelves are copies of or the graphic novel Minerva, Warhammer and Collectors Universe magazines. On a table I find a Gumby antenna topper still in its original package, a copy of an Elia Kazan Biography and several posters for the film Jeepers Creepers.
On the ground are two large 35mm film reels. I ask what is on the film and the seller says he does not know. He told me He acquired them from a local talk show host who had used them as décor in his home theatre. The talk show host had bought them at a yard sale years ago and also did not know what was on the reels. The seller said the leader of the film showed a hippie next to a Volkswagen. Parked near the pair of film reels was a 69 Doge Dart.
I bought nothing.

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