Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Saturday 10/22/05

The Little Five Points Halloween parade is today and large crowds are descending upon the nearby neighborhoods but once again those wanting to rid their homes of excess do not seem to want to capitalize on the crowds. What has happened in this city? Is it fear of Avian flu, impending hurricanes or the economic and political malaise that has settle upon our nations? Once again a short report.

Lake Clair Court – lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This was in the driveway and garage of a large home built several years ago in an infill cul de sac. As I have stated in earlier dispatches you can take the cul de sac out of the suburbs but you can’t take the suburbs out of the cul de sac. This sale featured like nearly all infill homes a large selection of infant and children’s items. Outside the garage were two boxes of books in them I found “Exercising your way through Pregnancy”, “Confessions of a slacker mom”, “Osage Indian Murders” and “ William Bennett’s “Book of virtues”. Near Bennett’s opus to moral quality was a box of PC based Las Vegas games. Some stuff gathered on top of a table included a clock with images of vegetables in place of numerals (The clock was set at 20 minutes after carrots), an embroidered picture of a Cathy cartoon character eating with the caption “cramming for exams” and an incense burner shaped like a wigwam. There were also the usual unneeded kitchen appliances such as an espresso maker and an ice cream maker. The toys gather there were dominated by a large plush snowman. The most bizarre plaything was a blue elephant head with a five-foot plastic flexible trunk. When a blower was turned on the trunk blew out little plastic butterflies. The seller told me her younger child liked to put them in her mouth and she was afraid her child would choke on the blown insects.I bought nothing but did get to see a demonstration of the butterfly blowing elephant in action.

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