Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Arizona Ave. – Lake Claire “Inside the House Yard Sale”

There was a large wooden cut out of a clown welcoming shoppers to this event in this frame bungalow near the land trust. When I arrived there was a sign taped to the front door saying “went for coffee be back in 10 minutes”. I perused some of the clothing and toys on the front porch while I waited for the sellers return. Among the stuff out front was a women’s bike and a pair of kids moon shoes. When the seller returned with coffee in hand I entered the house. Inside were three rooms where the divestments were on display. On top of a book shelf near the door was a very large plush wolf. On the bookcase I found a copy of Don Quixote and a Hawaiian language guide. Near the books was a carton on plaster of Paris. On another bookcase were three bike helmets, a full set of the Left Behind books and a few bottles of massage oil. In another room I found a box Digest-tible Tea and a set of dice with words that said “I – need – some – fun – for - myself” and a lamp shaped like a cartoon frog’s head. Other stuff included a pack of tiny Tarot cards, some unopened rolls of gift-wrap and a few umbrellas.
In a room off to the side I found two copies of the book “The Right Way of Living”, The Worst Case Scenario game, several backscratchers, a can of foot powder and a bottle of Nair.
I bought the moon shoes.

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