Monday, April 24, 2006

Fayetteville Rd. - East Lake “Estate Sale”

This sale was advertised as the estate sale of a genteel southern woman. While there are romantic connotations linked to such nomenclature, one might surmise when observing this estate that genteel is just another word of packrat.
The sale was inside a downtrodden brick one-story home on a road in East Lake. Overgrown vegetation made it difficult to see much of the exterior of the residence. A handicap ramp lead to the front entrance but even this was in dreadful condition as it was partially covered in the unruly vegetation. Inside the home was crowded and confused. The living room had the most order as the sellers had set up their tables for displaying an array of costume jewelry, a few watches and some other small things they felt merited attention. Also in the room was a table covered in old newspapers, naïve paintings, old mail, assorted dusty small décor items and a large full size pump organ. The dining room was far more chaotic with two long tables of fabric pile nearly up to eye level. Around the walls of the room were more naïve paintings, some of animals and one of a pensive looking woman holding a flower. In one of the few spaces not covered in assorted bolts and scraps of fabric was a framed wedding picture along with some silk roses that had more than likely adorned the cake for the same wedding. In a corner on a bookcase was a shelf filled with letters some dating back to 1912. A few books on the same piece of furniture included “Soap Opera Café”, ‘God Can do it Again”, “How to live on Your Income”, “Surviving Poverty” and “The Sir George’s Book of Hand Puppetry”.

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