Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Miller Ave. - Candler Park “Sale for Winky”

This was yet another fundraiser. It was much larger than the prior sale but this event was for a cat that had been attacked by a dog. It seems that poor Winky, an indoor cat climbed through a hole in the screen porch and fell victim to a wondering stray dog. The attack resulted in high vet bills. No less then three adjoining homes were involved in helping speed Winky’s recovery. The sale was also highly organized as with flyers distributed around the neighborhood and t-shirts printed for the event. Ironically on the morning of the sale finding a parking space on Miller Dr. was nearly impossible since there was this conflicting dog parade event in nearby Candler Park that attracted hundreds of dogs and their owners. I do not know if Winky’s attacker was marching in the parade. Among the clutter assembled before the three homes was a new looking tire, a waffle maker, several smoke detectors, a framed poster of a bottle of wine, a model semi truck, a filing cabinet, a bean bag rocking chair (the concept is almost unthinkable), a weight bench, a chair with three identical clocks resting on it, a bin full of toys and an unopened copy of “The Men are from Mars Women are from Venus Game”
Other things scattered about included a picture disc player (a truly outmoded tech item) some decorative balls covered in feathers and a model of some third world hut.
Among the books I found “The Kosher Creole Cookbook”, a book on Hurricane Katrina, “Taxi Driver Wisdom”, “The Love Songs of Sappho”, “Scavengers in Space” and “The Case of the Lonely Heiress”.

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