Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hardendorf Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

When I perused the Craiglist sales this morning I has delighted to find this sale less then two blocks from my home. The sale was in the side driveway and carport of a brick bungalow that a new owner had purchased within the past year. Under the carport were a number of tables with a selection of mismatched clutter. Most notable was a card table containing a vast assortment of snow globes. Among the usual snow scenes of tourist locales was one with what appeared to be lost and confused looking toddler in a snowstorm and a strange soft snow globe made of some icky silicon type material that housed a plastic Maine lobster in clouded water.
On the other tables were some pepper lights, an assortment of glassware and a mug that said “Mexico- catch the next revolution. Other stuff scattered about included a VCR labeled “works sometimes” a clock with a toy train that runs along the rim, several creatures made of wicker, a pizza cooker, a candle shaped like a rock, a jigsaw puzzle of the world, some Halloween décor, a decanter shaped like a chef, a large collection of ties and several vaporizers.
I bought the snow globe with the toddler.

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