Tuesday, April 04, 2006

McLendon Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

On Friday there were flyers stapled to utility poles up and down McLendon advertising this event. But when I first stopped here at nine AM it appeared the sale was cancelled due to the rain. When I passed here again an hour latter there was a sign saying the sale was inside the house. On the front porch was a chair with a broken cane seat taped to the chair was a booklet with instructions on repairing the cane. Inside the home was cluttered and crowded. All the goods that were now kept inside because of the rain were piled up in a small living room and dining room. Poking around were about a dozen shoppers making their way through narrow paths between the piles. It was also hard to differentiate what was being sold and what were the day-to-day living accoutrements of the sellers. To make things more chaotic the seller’s dog was delighting in all the confusion running amok between the shoppers and the clutter. Among the stuff there were several Mr. Peanut figures, some men’s clothing, cookware, a toy pig catapult, two plastic brains, a painting of a nude man and an old adding machine.
I bought a paid of NYC salt and peppershakers. Latter while driving past I picked up the broken chair and the pamphlet on cane repair from a free pile in the street.

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