Tuesday, April 25, 2006

W. Ponce Del Leon Ave Decatur “Yard Sale”

This event was advertised in the AJC and on Craigslist. I parked on a side street and carefully made it across four busy lanes of Ponce De Leon. In the back driveway I found a vast collection of clutter covered in wet plastic sheeting. It was difficult to tell what was under the plastic. I made out some Dutch wooden shoes, stemware, and electronics. In the adjacent garage was some stuff that was not covered, including a scale model of the Titanic, a fur jacket, a number of plush toy bears and some garden tools. The rain slowed down while I was there and the sellers decided to remove the plastic covering from their clutter. Removing the plastic only served to dampen a lot of the stuff underneath. But when the veil was lifted I found a wire mesh replica of a wooden shoe, a lot of glassware (which was not affected by the moisture) squirt guns whose presence in the rain seemed redundant, a painting of a girl and a dog, several painting of cats, a bucket filled with boom boxes as well as several other electronic contraptions. I checked out a leaf blower to use in my show at the Contemporary and was somewhat afraid as I held the device while it was being plugged in. Overall there was far more things ruined by putting them out for sale in the rain then there were things sold. I bought the leaf blower and a jigsaw puzzle of an industrial plant.

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