Thursday, April 13, 2006

Friday 4/7/06

Mt. Royal Dr. “Estate Sale”

I went here to meet the photographer from the AJC who was taking my picture for a feature story on yard sales that’s coming out later this week. After capturing me in various poses examining selected items, I began my inspection of the assorted clutter. The driveway of this small ranch house off Briarcliff Rd was dominated by a large gray sectional sofa. Behind it was a disassembled ceiling fan placed on a chair. Two large wing chairs also occupied space in the driveway. Also outside was a Sony amplifier and a large curved brush that the seller said was for use in the shower.

Inside the sellers were set up in the living room. That area contained mostly a vast selection of popular hardcover novels by writers such as Steele, McBain and Crichton.

In the dining room was a full set of china, some candles, an old Yashica camera, a Decatur Federal Ashtray and a poster of Ellis Island. On the wall was a remarkable large portrait of a lady in a resplendent dress holding a camellia. In the window of the same room was a old bottle containing a clear liquid labeled “Pain Oil”

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