Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The other homes featured a wide selection of clutter. One yard had a large collection of cow figurines. One notable figurine was a Xmas cow in an outhouse. Other stuff in the yard included a bulldog mask, a rug shaped like a duck, two bronze jack-o-lanterns, and a gallon bottle of glue. There were several noted original pieces of art including one large abstract signed by Fancu. At another sale across the street a British gentleman watched over a large pile of toys that included a realistic looking toy Dirt Devil.
I bought the bulldog mask. The woman who was moving gave me a large pilates exercise machine for free. She said she could no longer use it because of a back injury.

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Peach Hubbard said...

Ho there!. Noticed you purchased a bulldog mask at a garage sale. WE are participating in a Christmas boat parade here on the coast and are doing a UGA theme - our boat's name is "SaltyDawg". I've been trying to beg, borrow or steal one of those 6'+ inflatable UGA's without much success. Wondered if your mask was similar to UGA and if so, could we beg or borrow it for the second weekend in Dec.? you can read all about me on my website: