Monday, April 24, 2006

The kitchen was chaotic, dirty and delightful. Old metal cabinets were crammed with kitchenwares. Spatulas of every size and shape spilled out of crowded drawers. But sadly no old food was put up for sale, perhaps purification had taken places and the sellers felt that there were limits on certain commodities.
One bedroom was filled with old Xmas cards, a manual Remington typewriter with a place still in the cartridge carrying the typed instructions- “some one please go to the door….”. Nearby was a large dress form and a pile of sewing implements. Another bedroom held an extensive but unremarkable collection of dolls. One cardboard box was filled with inexpensive plastic baby dolls covered in clear plastic. Another box held a disheveled collection of knitted doll clothes perhaps for the naked babies in the prior box. A bed was piled with a variety of dolls only a few of which seemed to be distinguishable. Broken doll parts littered the room.
The third bedroom held a mixture of clothing, sewing items, small d├ęcor pieces, ladies hats and cheap electronic devices. Among the electronics were clock radios, off brand water picks, flashlights and personal security alarms. Boxes of Cds and cassettes held works by country artist as well others simply labeled mood music.

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