Wednesday, September 06, 2006

5th St. - Midtown “Moving Sale”

This sale was wonderful in it’s confusion. On the way to this frame bungalow, I passed a large pile of clutter in a nearby yard thinking this might be the sale. Instead the pile proved to be the unsightly debris from an eviction or someone who quickly moved out. The actual sale three doors down at first appeared to be just on the front porch. But when I approached the home I found that shoppers were inside as well. In the house it was difficult to tell where the sale began and where the everyday lives of the sellers ended. Some rooms were junk piles or examples of just poorly arranged living conditions. In addition with all the shoppers and the amount of clutter it was claustrophobic as well. In the living room were shelves filled with Xmas décor and personal photographs. Next to it was a small room so crammed with clutter where one could not even get through the door. The bedrooms were also clutter filled, the beds themselves stacked with an assortment of linens and other fabric matter. The kitchen was clean albeit overly crowded. A computer table was set up there with three computers on it. A post-it note on one said “Yard Sales – Estates” possibly as a reminder to post on Craigslist.
In the more open area of the porch I could more easily get an appraisal on what was actually for sale. Here I found a sweater with a tennis scene done in yarn relief, a small framed print of a turtle, dried flowers, a coffee grinder, candles and a pair of slippers shaped like monkeys. Among some books were “Guide to Owning a Shih Tzu”, “ Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Jonathon Livingston Seagull”, “The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float” and “The Language of Letting Go”.
I bought nothing.

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