Thursday, September 14, 2006

Flagler St. – Sherwood Forest “Estate Sale”

After driving past countless oversized ranch homes in this Robin Hood themed development we resigned ourselves to the reality that the ad in Craigslist was a lie. The closest thing we found in Sherwood Forest proper resembling a yard sale was a pile of rags from a car wash fundraiser drying on a hedgerow in a traffic circle. But on our way out of the area we came across this sale. The sale was inside and in the driveway and garage of a 1930’s brick Tudor home. In the driveway I ran into a friend of mine who was one of the organizers of the sale. In the center of the driveway was an inversion exercise device with a potential buyer in it upside down. Next to it were two wheel chairs. Beyond the wheel chairs was a 1967 Chrysler Newport with a rusty finish next to the Newport was an old pedestal sink. Tables lined the driveway will all sorts of clutter. On them I found a bowling trophy, a large plastic bone, a small plaster Greek head in a deep frame, a plate with bold red strips, an ice cream scoop, a coffee mug with a handle shaped like a Dalmatian, a plaque for the Chevrolet Truck sales Hall of Fame, and a plush zebra mask. Draped over a chair was a four foot deflated looking clown figure constructed from fabric. In the garage things seemed to be older and dirtier. Here I found an old banjo, a large decrepit looking guitar amplifier, a car racing trophy, a skeletal chart, a book on Feng Shui, an old waffle iron, a large antique framed photograph of someone’s distant ancestor, and some women’s hats.
In side the house was a lot of old undistinguished china and glassware. But here the artwork was outstanding. One large oil work depicted a woman sitting next to a piano with a deep red background, even better was a stunning portrait of a squinting breaded and confused looking pirate.
I bought nothing. Cindy purchased a large twisted tree stump that she thought would be useful in our living room.

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