Wednesday, September 06, 2006

7th St.- Midtown “Moving Sale”

From Morningside I headed to the narrow streets of Midtown. This sale was located in the parking lot behind a three-story apartment building. Here a single woman presided over several tables of goods as well as some stuff splayed out on the pavement. Upon the tables was a pillow in the shape of a monkey’s face, some baskets, a pair of glass candlesticks, a wireless keyboard, some dried flowers and a ugly red haired doll seated atop a ceramic cherry pie. On the pavement was a picture frame done over in camo decopauge, two pair of roller blades, a coffee table with a base in the shape of an abstract female form, and a print of a man in woman in an embrace. While I was there one of the shoppers knocked over and shattered a large vase.
I bought nothing.
Organic looking table.

Ugly doll upon a pie.

Camo picture frame in driveway.

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