Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Drewry St.- Va. Highlands “Yard Sales”

Two adjacent bungalows were hosting sales on this street. The first and more extensive sales presented a colorful array of all sorts of large children’s toys. Among them were a stationary tricycle, two play horses, several costumes, bins of plush toys and several oversized injected molded plastic playthings. In addition to the toys was a selection of books that included “Erotic Interludes”, “Love is Letting Go of Fear”, “What to Expect the First Year”, “The Greatest Baby name Book Ever”, “Good Sex”, “Parent Power” and “Golf for Dummies”. There was also some furniture and a set of golf clubs.
The sale next door had very few things put out in the yard. Among the stuff was a coffee maker, a bird feeder and a disassembled ceiling fan.
I bought nothing.
Play horses on Drewry St.

Stationary tricycle.

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