Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sherwood Forest – Neighborhood Sales

Last week I was led here by a misleading ad giving the wrong date. But the sales were happening this week. Sherwood Forest is one of this city’s theme neighborhoods. Other theme areas include the Christmas oriented streets of mostly Jewish Toco Hills, the auto themed Briarwood or Motor Hills and the Bonanza flavored Ponderosa. Sherwood’s theme is Robin Hood Lore, the streets carry the monikers of such merry men as Friar Tuck, Lady Marion (Maid Marion is too working class) and locales like Doncaster and Nottingham. Strangely there are almost no Tudor homes in this anglophile enclave. Most of the homes started as well designed ranch homes. Sadly many are now being torn down as the real estate formula for this city is now 3 bed rooms + 1 bath = bulldozer.
The neighborhood flyer claimed there were 22 sales today. I did not bother to count them. Many of them were quite small. By mid morning some of the homeowners had already abandoned their sales leaving small piles of clutter in their yards. The more common artifacts were large plastic children’s playthings, left over home improvement hardware, women’s clothing and sports equipment. Among books I found the following titles: “Waiting for Godot”, “The Sound and The Fury”, “Snow Falling on Cedars”, “The Education of Little Tree”, “Songs in Ordinary Time”, “A Dictionary for Accountants”, “The Biggest Mistakes Salesmen Make”, “Cat on the Scent”, “The Tao of Pooh” “How to be Normal in Australia” and “The God of Small Things”. The photos below indicate some of the charming finds of Sherwood Forest.

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