Friday, September 22, 2006

Saturday 9-16-2006

Sutherland Terr. – Lake Claire “Yard Sales”

I should know by now what to expect from a large infill developments in the way of sales. In a way these events are so mundane that they are a break from bizarre fare of Cabbagetown or the new age and political overkill of Inman Park and Candler Park sales. In the three small boring sales here I found nothing more than 3 years old. Among the new goods was a large plate that said pasta, a box of computer cables, a very clean looking microwave, some mugs made at Wired & Fired or some such place and some new looking telephones. In the middle of one antiseptic, tiny yard was a massive umbrella that could shade two whole families at once.
I bought nothing.

Virginia Ave.- Va. Highlands “Estate Sale”

This was not an estate sale nor a yard sale. It was more like someone had put together a small flea market in the front yard of a brick manor house. There was lots of stuff but I wondered how much of it had been down at some booth in the soon to be retired Lakewood Flea Market. Among the clutter on a dozen tables were stacks of old 50’s magazines, boxes of blank reel to reel tapes, assorted small appliances, a horde of rabbit shaped things, old hand tools, framed floral prints, an assortment of wicker canisters and a massive pile of Beanie Babies selling for the now absurd high price of $2. Two f the more remarkable items there were a figurine of a Japanese woman taking a bath and a plastic bag with old 1976 desk calendars.
I bought nothing
Bicentiniel calendars preserved in plastic bags.

Pile pf old periodicals.

Miniature of Japanese woman bathing.

Over priced Beanie Babies.

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