Thursday, September 14, 2006

Saturday 9-09-06

Clifton Rd. – Candler Park “Yard Sale”

The first sale of the day was a pleasant two-block walk from my home. When I arrived one of the women hosting the event was honored to have me there as she had attended my exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center in June. In the yard of a handsome Mediterranean style home that was far more Druid Hills than Candler Park was a moderate selection of assorted clutter. A table in the center held an ice bucket shaped like the liberty bell, a teapot made into a lamp, a pair of candle sticks, some candles, a plastic lizard, an insect colony kit, a doorknocker and a pair of headphones with plastic ears attached. The Seller told me the headphones were used as a Halloween costume when she went dressed as a local candidate for City Council.
Splayed out on a tarp in the yard were four large letters Z –O-O-O. These were taken from a service station being torn down. Also found on the ground was a Xmas tree stand, a trunk labeled “Lullwater Garden Club” and an architect’s model for a simply one-story home.
Among some books here were “Considering Parenthood”, “Radon-The Invisible Threat”, “Rousseau and Romanticism”, “Brave New World” and ”Bargain Hunters Guide”.
There were also a framed photograph of a castle on the Rhine and a set of jars containing old spices. Two chairs set in the yard. A red leather chair, a shawl with the Image of Our lady of Guadalupe was draped over it’s back. The other was an upholstered armchair with a spray of dried flowers in its seat.
I bought nothing.

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