Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Argonne Ave. – Midtown “Yard Sale”

This sale had a large Craiglist ad and the sale was smaller than it looked on the wrap around porch of a stately brick home. On the yard and porch I found linens, a bread maker, a small TV, a few old VHS tapes, some women’s clothing, a selection of small picture frames, a small Llardro figurine of a bride and groom and a few hand tools. A box labeled free contained small maps of Phoenix and a few odd computer cables. Among a selection of books I found “The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet”, “Methods and Models in Demography”, “Planned Parenthood Women’s Health Encyclopedia”, “Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes”, “The Meaning of Macho”, “Seeing Voices”, “Portraits in Sepia”, Reading Lolita in Tehran” and “Behind Every Choice is a Story”.
I bought nothing.

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