Thursday, September 14, 2006

N. Morningside Dr.- Morningside “Yard sale”

By this time we knew that the sales were in decline and here we decided we had had enough for today. Most of the stuff in the driveway this manor home looked like it came from some showroom at the Merchandise Mart. On one side of the driveway was a wall of garland selling for $20. Two sad anemic looking artificial Xmas trees were standing nearby being ignored by everyone except me who was taken by their pathos. On a table in the center of the sale were two gargantuan candles that were over four feet tall and nearly a foot thick. On another table were some books among which I found “The Day I Turned Uncool”. “Selling the Invisible”, “On the Road Again with Man’s Best Friend” and “Hearing the Voice of the Market”. Mixed with the books on the table were two audiocassette sets entitled “Total Transformation” and “Me, Myself and I” on the covers was printed, “This is a copy of the original tape series and is not to be sold at any price. It was copied and given as a gift from God”. The cassette sets were selling for 25 cents each. Other clutter scattered about included a framed photo of a bunch of babies sitting in flowerpots, a ceramic pear, a ceramic figure of a napping Mexican, a collection of ceramic bunnies and some dreadful looking Halloween décor.
We bought nothing.

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