Thursday, September 14, 2006

Park Dr. – Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

After walking home I talked Cindy into going out with me to other sales. I enticed her with the news that there was a multifamily neighborhood sale in Sherwood Forest. I was excited over the aspect of viewing the clutter on upscale streets with names taken from Robin Hood lore – Lady Marian Rd, Friar Tuck Dr. and John Lackland Way. My only regret is that Cindy actually spends time at the sales buying stuff, most of which we end up tossing into the street a few weeks later.
On our way there we were led this sale attracted by a large banner hanging from a tree in the front yard. The sale was in front of and in two rooms of a brick Tudor bungalow. Outside gathered around the walkway leading to the porch was a coffee table, a globe and a wine rack. On the grass was a stack of board games derived from the Simpson’s, one was based on Clue another chess and the third Monopoly.
Hanging from the front wall of the home was a selection of purses and on the ground a pair of roller blades. On the porch were two boxes of books. Among the titles were “Succulent Wild Women”, “Wine Made Simple”, “The Intense Lover”, “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, “The Complete Book of the Dog”, “Nobody’s Cat”, and “Travel Career Development”. On a nearby table I found a fat short candle, a canvas ammo pouch, an Andy Warhol Jigsaw puzzle and a cocktail shaker. In a corner of the porch was a sign proclaiming “This Corner Free”. Among the clutter offered for gratis were a three ring binder, some half used rolls of gift-wrap, some artificial ivy and some coffee mugs. In side ant outside their house there was an array of original paintings created by the seller. Many had themes dealing with alcohol and the vessels that contain it. Other works depicted hammers and toilets, the world in an eyeball as well as a multimedia work that incorporated a cup holder and a toilet paper dispenser.
Cindy bought a hat and insisted I purchase a black leather jacket that was selling for ten dollars.

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