Wednesday, February 01, 2006

1/29/06 Kirkwood is Better...

The weather is still cold and the yard sale season is not yet in place. Today I went to two sales in Virginia Highland and two in Kirkwood. Confusion reigns in Kirkwood it is a far better place for sales. Perhaps this season it may be the best neighborhood for yard sales in my vicinity.

Northview Ave.- Virginia Highlands “Moving Sale”

This sale had started on Friday but when I entered this well appointed home I doubted there was very much of interest that I had missed by coming a day late. The brick craftsman bungalow was too clean and too well kept to have held anything remarkable. Most of the remaining sparse antique items of furniture inside were already marked sold. On a stairway that lead upstairs was a large vase full of fresh cut flowers that indicated to buyers they were not allowed access to the second floor. In one bedroom was a pair of unremarkable antique twin beds, in another a large equally unremarkable four-poster bed. There were way too many well-printed NFS sign strewn about the house. In the kitchen I did find some bottles of wine that had already been sold. Why a buyer was not able to cart off the wine after the purchase is unknown.
In the rear sunroom were some bookshelves containing some such works as “Dare to be Remarkable”, “The Testosterone Advantage Plan” and “Trials of Dr. Spock”.
There is also a ceramic life size hedgehog on one of the shelves.
I spent little time there and bought nothing.

Briarcliff Rd. – Va. Highlands “Estate Sale”

This sale had also started on Friday but this large Tudor home still contained a fair amount of clutter. But this sale was schizophrenic in some ways. In the rear salon were shelves lined with expensive and well made contemporary pottery. But in the kitchen they were selling canned food products. I first explored the basement hoping to find some sense of disorder there. The basement access was outside through a small door under the house. Inside I found a box shaped Santa head, a snowman plate, tennis rackets, an artificial Christmas tree packed into a large plastic bag, an old Georgia license plate, several vaporizers, a scary looking thigh exercise device, a item called a spirit vessel and a can containing an indoor marbles playing surface and some marbles.

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