Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One room in the front of the house was full of a variety of old clutter for sale. There were a number of boxes containing books both old and new. Among the titles were “Reality TV Handbook”, “Idiots Guide to Fortune Telling” and “How to Build a Hodgepodge lodge”. Another box contained a selection of VHS tapes among them were “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Lost Highway” and “12 Angry Men”. Leaning against a wall were two artworks. One was a print of a man smoking a cigar standing under a large hot dog. The other was a large color photo of a man’s bare chest. Other items scattered about on tables and on the floor were the Atlanta in a Box game, a bright red lipped shaped telephone, a large block shaped candle, a pile of cloth tote bags, some men’s clothing, a small plastic Santa that dropped red and green pellets from his backside, some swizzle sticks with tiny Teddy bears, a pile of matchbooks promoting a die cast metal business and two cardboard boxes filled with hand painted Mexican ceramic tiles.
I bought the Idiots guide to Fortune Telling, The reality TV guidebook and the defecating Santa.

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