Wednesday, February 01, 2006

But upstairs in the kitchen I saw a set of butter knives in the shape of various foods. The kitchen contained an assortment of very clean and new looking cooking utensils. The food for sale included two cans of Pam, some cooking oils, cans of tomatoes and some cake decorating supplies.
In the large rear room that housed the pottery collection were a number of house ware items as well as CDs, videos and LPs. The box of LPs yielded copies of Broadway shows such as Hair, Godspell and Annie from the 70’s, a few classical recordings as well as a disc entitled “24 Great Heartbreakers and Tearjerkers”. A box of cookbooks appeared to emphasis healthy eating. Some of the titles included “300 Calorie Dish Meals”, “Thin for life” and old issues of Cooking Lite magazine. A small selection of VHS movies included “Alien”, “My Left Foot” and “The Money Pit”. Some CDs on sale were “Braves Ultimate Rally” and “Classics for Dreaming”.

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