Sunday, February 26, 2006

The school system worked a weeklong holiday into the schedule this year giving me five days off during the bleakest part of the year. After enduring several days of cold, chills and rain I looked at a weather map a noticed that the rain did not extend past Georgia’s fall line. So I got in my car, headed south and spent a wondrous and somewhat depressing day in middle and South Georgia.
I first headed down I 75 to Perry, home of the Georgia National Fairgrounds. Today was the opening day for the State Junior Livestock Show. The fairgrounds are an extensive complex of buildings that one can see from I 75 while speeding past Perry. I first visited the auditorium where young agribusiness folk from around the state were parading their pigs. Parading is a loose term for actually all one can do with a pig it chase it around the floor of the auditorium. There were some impressive pigs there. In the other building were young farmers preparing their livestock for show. Other than hosing down pigs there is not a lot of grooming you can do to them. But the cattle are a different story as their owners went about washing, vacuuming, blow drying and fluffing their fur.

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