Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cameron St. – Grant Park “Estate Sale”

After last weeks so-called estate sale in Decatur I was a little skeptical of any such estate sale advertised in the paper. But with a sick wife and so few sales events I headed south of I-20.
The sale was inside a craftsman bungalow with a bit of added Victorian style trim. Inside the house it was quite dim adding a veil of gloom over the gathered clutter inside. Most of the goods were being sold as antiques and there was a dreadful lack of contemporary clutter. Only three rooms of the home were open to my perusal. In the living room were a number of old lamps, a Victorian sofa, a large ceramic panther and some prints of ancient Greek battle scenes.
In the dinning room, a table was covered in barware, stemware and undistinguished commemorative plates. On the floor was a stack of undistinguished Lps from the 70’s. Platters of artist such as Gloria Gaynor and Barbra Streisand were being sold for the high price of four dollars. In another part of the room was a cabinet with some cloth dolls wrapped in plastic and a basket containing a pile of cutesy refrigerator magnets. Nearby was a large box filled with more baskets and a thigh master nearly hidden on a high shelf.
The final room contained several collectible level dolls including one of a restful looking Christopher Columbus. Also in the room were several Asian style prints and a collage that looked as thought it were made from mud, rope and foliage.
Only the front porch contained the mundane as two old and dirty lawn movers were lined up at the entrance. I bought nothing

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