Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Elkmont Dr. Virginia Highlands “Moving Sale”

This sale was in the two front rooms of a traditional brick bungalow. When I entered the house I noticed at once that the bulk of the stuff here was toys that the children of the house had out grown. Normally I shun child oriented sales but having to acquire some juvenile items for my show I decided to spend some time here and perhaps take something home.
The were a few non-kid things such as a Kawai spinet piano and a bag of unshelled mixed nuts. A bookshelf held a mixture of child and adult reading. Among the titles were “Marketing Your Work”, “Autobiography of Malcolm X” , Dr. Spock’s child rearing guide and several Lemony Snicket titles. A few other grown up things were on a shelf in the living room. There I found a Café Du Monde mug, three hard hats and a wicker tray shaped like the state of Texas.
Among the children’s toys of interest were a Queasy Bake Oven, two Coinstruction sets that allow youngsters to make things with hard currency and a large box full of cardboard bricks.
I bought the Oven and the Coinstruction set.

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