Sunday, February 26, 2006

Friday 2/14/06

Highpoint Dr.- Morningside “Estate Sale”
I went to this sale in the late afternoon with Cindy. The sale was inside a newer two-story colonial revival home tucked inside a condo complex in Morningside. When we arrived it was obvious that a lot of the stuff had been purchased and moved out. In the hallway downstairs was a table with a pile of old Lps. Among the classical, opera, Isaac Hayes and Johnny Mathis recordings I came upon the cover a male hardcore porno videotape. From the records I headed to the living room where only a few things remained. The room was dominated by a baby grand piano, on a table was some sheet music, most was classical but there was also a collection of music from Sesame Street. On a table in the same room were two broken china plates, a brass tic-tac-toe game and a blown glass elephant head that might have been broken. The kitchen still had a fair amount of kitchenwares still in it including a selection of corkscrews and an M&M figure holding some wooden cooking tools. In the pantry I discovered a horde of foodstuffs, a coffee grinder and some cooking utensils.

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