Sunday, February 26, 2006

Upstairs were four bedrooms. In one was a built-in bookcase filled with hardback books. Among them were “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton”, “The Book of the Labrador Retriever”, “When Smart People Fail”, “Black Skin, White Masks”, “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It” and ‘How to Get Well”. Other items on the shelves included a pamphlet containing the 1989 Asparagus Club membership rooster and old bound copies of Upholstering Today as well as loose copies of AV/Multi Media magazine. The walls of the same bedroom were hung with a number of framed antique botanical prints.
In another bedroom I found a disheveled pile of old tote bags when I shuffled thought them I spotted an unopened condom on the floor. It may have fallen out of one of the bags. In the same room were a box of small artificial Christmas trees and a caricature of what may have been the estate owner. A number of Dali prints were also in the room.
Another bedroom had a large abstract painting, some old telephones and a closet full of clothes that were my size but they were overpriced for their condition.
In the final bedroom was an entertainment center with a small TV and a film projector on the same shelf. On a table nearby was a large collection of table lamps. Resting on a chair were two misshapen leather hats. There was also an old broom for sale for a dollar in the room. Between two of the bedroom was a bathroom with a number of cleaning products that appeared not to have been used on a filthy sink and bathtub.
I bought a shirt and a belt. Cindy bought several highball glasses.

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