Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Howard Cir. - Lake Claire “Moving Sale”

Yesterday I ran into a woman I had met when our home was on the tour of homes a few years ago. She was passing out leaflets for her moving sale. It seems that she and her husband had finally sold their home near Dekalb Ave. and were moving to Hawaii. Seeing that this was the only sale happening in my neighborhood I headed over there after making sure Cindy’s was feeling reasonably less flu like.
When I got there at half past nine most of the goods had already been pillaged by the dreaded early birds. A meager amount of goods lay spread out in the yard but the interior f the home was nearly striped bare. In the front room of this one-story frame rambler all that remained was a TV cabinet, a TV and a few stereo components. One bedroom had a box of pillows and linens and a large wicker basket filled with books on silent films. Among the books were two biographies of Fatty Arbuckle. Another box contained large coffee table books on Hawaii and Montana.
In the other bedroom there was an array of large plates and platters displayed upon a twin bed. Also on the bed was a selection of Charlie Chaplin movies on VHS along with two Austin Power’s films. On the floor was a large box of odd Tupperware items. Next to it were several boxes containing old toys and games. In the boxes I found a boring looking commodity futures trading game, a toy General Lee car from the original Dukes of Hazard, a Montgomery Burns mask, an Abe Lincoln puppet wearing boxing gloves and a small container of imitation Lego type blocks.
In the Dining were two boxes of cassette tapes containing rock and dance music from the 80’s and 90’s. In the kitchen was a pile of mugs. One mug had the Bill of Rights on it. The seller told me the Rights used to disappear when you poured hot coffee in the container. But it no longer functioned since she had cleaned it in the dishwasher.
Out side there were some garden tools, skis and fishing gear.
I bought several from the toy box and the Bill of Rights mug even thought it was defective.

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Anonymous said...

ALOHA! I just read your comments in regard to our yard sale...from 4years ago!!!!
Yes I remember you and Patty from the LC Tour of Homes!
Re yard sale... mahalo for shopping..Didnt you buy our rock em sockem robots?
Anyway John and I have been in Kailua Kona on the Big Island for all this time We love it of course BUT miss the fun events and funky neighbors of da old hood.
Tsunamis of cheer to you and Patty- Pat Marsh/John Goese