Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rogers St. “Moving Sale”

I notice that the door was open on the house next door and people were coming out carrying things. When I entered I found that two women were having a moving sale. I passed a door held open by a cow skull painted gold and entered a dark living room where one of the sellers was cleaning up a spilled cappuccino. Inside were a number of strange things including a shot glass chess set, a beer making kit, books on how to make money in the music business and a wig with plastic fruit on it. While I was there the women said they were moving because Kirkwood had gotten too expensive to live in. Leaning against one wall was a large poster for the 50’s film “Thunder in Carolina”. On a large metal shelving unit were dozens of old videotapes. Some of the titles included “Chained Heat”, “Iron chef”,” Cannibal Apocalypse”, “Legendary Panty Mask” and “Hideous Sun Demon”. Some nearby artwork featured a print of a vampire’s mouth and a pastel drawing of a ghastly figure being attacked by demons and swarming roaches.I bought the wig, chess set and demon painting.

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