Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rogers St. – Kirkwood “Yard Sale”

This sale was a welcome relief from the overly sanitized sales of Virginia Highlands. In some way the two neighboring sales south of the tracks were the opposite of the prior sales. The first sale was in the yard behind a home that may have also been a business. Old cars and pickup trucks were parked in the gravel front yard. A smiling large plush Spngebob wearing a Rasta wig greeted me in the driveway. Scattered about the yard in no order at all was a vast assortment of tools, junk, oddities and anything else the owner may have stumbled across in his life. A large white tent in the yard was filled with even more junk. The yard if you can call it that, was delightful. In the middle was an aluminum Christmas tree planted in the ground. The tools ranged from large table saws, boxes filled with oversized wrenches, welding masks and endless hand tools and a gigantic fan. Other things were just bizarre, a foam cheese steak hat that had faded and become decrepit. It sat atop a microphones stand. In another area was a large stump carved into a fish with fishing gear resting beside it. Bags of golf clubs leaned against the tent. Two oversized plastic toy cars were parked in the middle of the clutter. A large Velcro dartboard was hanging from a fence. One cardboard box contained dozens of 12-volt adapters. A large round metallic image of a swan sat below it. Bags with wine corks were found on some of the tables. A framed shadowbox displayed the many varieties of nautical knots.

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