Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Saturday 2/5/06 Another Cold Weekend

The cold weather continues and only a few bold individual choose to divest their homes of unwanted clutter this weekend. Behind the walls of so many houses in this city are sales waiting to happen. I hope next week is better than this one.

Connecticut Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I found this sale in Craigslist but there was also a small sign on McLenden Ave. welcoming shoppers. When I arrived there it appeared the sale was only on the freezing semicircular screened in front parch of this Victorian bungalow. On the porch was a good collection of oddities, clutter and junk the owners had accumulated over the years. Among the stuff piled on there was a bicycle, a wreath made out of wine corks, four shelf brackets in the shape of Greek gods, three tachometers, two old cell phones and a kit for making paving stones with poetry on them. In a box I found an unopened package that contained a costume for dressing up a wine bottle. While I stood in the cold shifting thought the clutter one of the sellers told me that there was more inside and to come in from the cold.

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