Thursday, February 16, 2006

Saturday 10/11/06

Holly Ln. Merry Hills - “Moving Sale”

On a cold Saturday morning this appeared to be the only game in town or at least the parts of town I care to travel to. Noting that this was on a Saturday I knew this would not be in one of the homes of the many observant and clutter collecting Jews who live in this Xmas themed subdivision. The sale was inside a brick ranch and occupied two rooms of the home. Entering through the carport I passed three boxes marked free. The living room of the home was devoid of furnishing except for tables holding a large array of clutter. More stuff spilled across the floor and under the tables, loose or in cardboard boxes. On the tables were old cameras including a long snouted Polaroid Big Shot, boxes of staples, several old lamps, three old portable tape recorders, two Rubik’s Magic Puzzles, an Avon bottle in the shape of a truck, some 1980 UGA commemorative Coke bottles, an old Dr. Pepper bottle with a salt shaker top, about a half dozen ashtrays and some mugs from McDonald’s with Batman characters on them. One table had a collection of old empty wine bottle and some old medicine containers. One of which was a remedy for removing warts. At one end of the tables were several dolls still in their original packaging. Among them was a Jello Fun Barbie that came with a pack of Jello and a B shaped Jello mold. On the floor was a box of old Playboy magazines, a pile of empty picture frames, a framed embroidered scene of a pioneer homestead, a copy of Playboy Centerfolds on VHS, a box of audio cassettes, two boxes of Cupid string lights, some Xmas décor including a large animatronic girl holding a candle.
Among some books scattered on the floor were “This is a Dream”, Bob Hope’s ”Don’t Shoot It’s only Me” and “To live Again”.
In a glass case were some items the sellers must have deemed to have more value. There I found a trio of old plastic trolls, some old large wooden spools and a load of BBs.
In the back room was a large selection of women’s clothing hung of a film production lighting grid stand and a spread of women’s shoes on the floor. Also in the room were two large dolls and a child’s player piano. In a box of piano rolls for the instrument were “Frosty the Snowman”, “In the Good Old Summertime” and “Old Piano Roll Blues”I bought the Jello Barbie, a large doll and the embroidered home scene. I also picked up one of the free boxes on my way out.

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