Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Civil War village of Andersonville is a sad roadside attraction across the highway from the death camp. This tawdry tourist spot was a grim reminder of what happens when one attempts to profit from tragedy. The village is one short street of old buildings. When I arrived all of them were closed included the highly touted Drummer Boy museum which claims to be one of the best independent Civil War museums. At the end of the street is a monument the Henry Wirz the commandant of Camp Sumter who was found guilty of war crimes and hanged in the shadow of the US capitol building. It is said to be the only monument to a convicted war criminal on US soil. The monument has a large crack in its base.
Behind the closed storefronts is a Pioneer village. The village is a series of rustic decrepit buildings scattered about a few weedy acres. It’s bizarrely reminiscent of the Habitant slum display a few miles away in Americus.

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