Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pair of oversized dolls

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Christina Ho said...

I had a difficult time my mother recently said "you were a terrible child" and few people understand that acne is curable with a good dermatologist.

I had acne throughout the time that I was in junior high. I would eventually rush Kappa Kappa Gamma with one idea about my looks, is that as long as "we" stayed together we would make it in school, we might have been last in the school district with overcrowding and teachers sending their kids somewhere else.

I think everyone is pretty now, and it is difficult because people talk about illegal immigrants.

But to the mind's eye, it started when I found a box of old Playboys in a an AVON box in the garage.

Feminism probably is not my thing, and my best friend. DID NOT NEED CLASSES, I WAS definitely suffering from Anoerexia already, what? Of course you matter and have a beautiful presence and of course hard times get better. But not for us. Not for us. . .