Sunday, February 26, 2006

From Perry I headed south down the Andersonville trail. After a hearty lunch (I opted for the fried chicken and not the pork chops after seeing so much pork running about) at Gosie’s in downtown Montezuma, I headed past bare cotton fields and blooming peach trees towards Americus. One of the splendid small towns of Sowega, downtown Americus is dominated by the massive Warwick hotel. The Warwick is a red brick Victorian structure that through some miracle escaped destruction in the 20th century. After walking the downtown streets for a while I drove over to the Habitat for humanity Discovery Center. Habitant, which is based in Americus, has recreated in the center a collection of bad slum housing from around the world. Here one can gap at the marvels one would encounter on the outskirts or Rio with out the smells, dangers and the language barrier. At the end of the bad housing display are examples of what housing Habitant are creating to replace the horrid living conditions on display. The display is a bit unsettling but at least it was not raining.
Latter I drove past some of the finer antebellum homes in Americus then headed north towards Andersonville.

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