Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Estoria Ave. - Cabbagetown “Big Ass Sale”

In the AJC this was advertised as a multi family yard sale. But when I arrived a yard sign proclaimed this event as the Big Ass Sale. The sale was big, occupying the grounds of a large corner grass covered lot. The first thing I came upon when I approached the event was a kayak perched upon the top of an ionic column. In the yard a number of tables were spread out containing all sorts of clutter. One contained numerous lamps including one that appeared to resemble a teepee. The seller explained that it wasn’t a lamp but just something that resembled a lamp that he used to cover toilet paper rolls in his bathroom. As I strolled about I came across a two foot tall faux wood plastic nativity scene, a downspout with a dragon’s head, a 10 gallon plastic tub of pencils and two bas reliefs, one representing providence the other liberty. Poking around I discovered a large plastic container of fireworks. When the seller noticed me examining it he quickly placed the cover on the container and pushed it under a table. Were the incendiaries not for sale and being saved for a colorful display at sales end? Useful devices found here included a karaoke machine, a microwave egg cooker, a box of kitchen utensils and a parrot cage still in its original carton. A one table a woman presided over a collection of some very new looking large plastic toys. Another table included about a dozen Kiss and Ozzy Ozborne Lps resting next to a sign for Spam. Outside the fence that surrounded the sale were band saws, table saws and other large tools.I bought two folding chairs to use at Cindy’s booth at the

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