Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Livingston Dr. Avondale Estates “ Estate Sale”

This was the third phase of an estate sale I covered in this journal last month. I had missed the second phase held in this small clutter infused bungalow two weeks ago. When I spoke with one of the resellers about phase two I was saddened to find that I had missed what paper collectors had said was one of the best divestments of ephemera they had seen in Atlanta for many years. This phase featured the opening of the shed/workshop behind the home. The shed was nearly the same size as the house. Before I headed to that building I examined some of the multitude of books that covered the walls of one of the bedrooms. Most of the books were political tomes with an emphasis on the Kennedy dynasty. Mixed among the camelotelia were cookbooks, works on religion, dog breeds and military history.

Most of the stuff in the other rooms I had seen on my first visit. I did notice that the Indian figure constructed from yard was no longer wrapped in clear plastic. One new item I found in the bedroom was a plaster school science project depicting the human nasal passage. Much of the homespun Xmas stuff such as Styrofoam snowmen I had seen before was still for sale. Dozens of commemorative plates still hung unsold in the dinning room along with a large framed photograph on an outhouse. On a table in the same room was a structure made of wooden dowels labeled with life’s milestones such as marriage and baptism. In the kitchen a lot of the unopened old cans of beer were no longer on display.


Marty Weil said...

Is there more information about what was in the shed in terms of ephemera? It's the hope of discovering such a shed that provides geniune excitement amongst us ephemerists. I hope you'll tell us more about what was found.

Yard Sale Addict said...

As I stated I missed phase two of this sale where the motherlode of ephemera was divested. The resller told me that the estate owners kept everything from their travels. So I presume there was copious amounts of airline information, hotel brochures and info on roadside attractions. The shed the day I visited ontained only old hardwear, tools and working models of gallows.