Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Woodland Ave. Ormewood Park “Yard Sale”

This sale was a benefit for a pottery collective in Cabbagetown. One of the benefits of this sale was that they offered a pancake breakfast for only three dollars. After breakfast I perused the contents of this sale in the front yard of a creaftsman bungalow. Among the stuff there were several telephones, an old framed photo of a woman in a corset playing pool, a figurine of a pig in a bikini, a pair of saddle shoes and some ski clothes. One table had a number of Xmas décor items including some building from a miniature village. The village buildings included a coffee shop, a barn and a gristmill. Some media included an audio book of Clan of the Cave Bear, A Costa Rica travel guide and the “Natural Foods Cookbook”. On the other side of the yard a seller was extolling the virtues of a Pioneer stereo system while he blared led Zeppelin through a pair of headphones.
I bought breakfast.

Vintage photo of woman playing pool.

Pig in a bikini.

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