Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The shed/workshop was a wonder. At the entrance was a old for sale sign with two wooden reindeer standing behind it. Inside the entire raw wooden structure was covered with tools, hardware, signs, cans, bottles and something I’ve never encountered before. The later being a small working model of a gallows. Upon examination it appeared to have been constructed as a student project at Avondale High School in some earlier era. The model featured a noose that could be tightened and a trap door the swung open with the pull of a lever. Every surface in the shed was covered in some form of debris. A multitude of jars and plastic bags contained an endless assortment of nail, screws, clips nuts, bolts and assorted hardware. Along one wall were several oxygen tanks, road signs hung from the beams. Cans and bottles of long forgotten soft drinks were fitted into nooks and open spaces. A container of rat killer rested near a large cup of Coca-cola. All manner of hand tools lay piled about. A crude model of a lighthouse sat amid several power drills. Old coverless copies of Popular Mechanics sat bound together with twine. A box of spent 38 caliber bullets was on a shelf next to a prybar. It was a remarkable wonderland.
I bought some books to use in my installation.

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