Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Leonardo Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was a small affair just two blocks from my home. In the driveway was a tiny table made from a floor tile, a pair of life-size ceramic praying hands, several area rugs, a dinette table and some Xmas goblets. A single table in the next driveway contained a few bungee cords, some old 9- volt adapters, a few knives and a Polavsion movie camera.
I bought nothing

Oxford Dr. – Lake Claire “Yard Sales”

There were two separate sales on Oxford on the same block. The first featured a meager selection of stuff watched over by a disheveled looking man in front of a large two-story frame home. In the yard was a blanket with paintball guns masks and accessories on it. Other stuff in the yard included a few 70’s rock Lps, some men’s clothing and a flatbed scanner. The seller told me the women down the street were selling mimosas at their sale. He said if he was planning on selling cans of PBR later in the morning.

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