Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The upstairs rooms reveled more. Here the multitude of plush continued. In a bedroom/office upon a large computer desk was a collection of bobbing and non-bobbing head sports figurines as well as sports oriented Xmas figures. On the floor were several skateboards, an electric golf putting game and a large framed photo of players in Superbowl XX. Some books found in the bedroom included the titles ‘Listening to Love”, “Couplehood” and “The Book of Success”. The twp large bathrooms had their share of plush as well. In one near a stack of thick cotton towels were two bears and a figurine of a demon riding a motorcycle. Off of the master bedroom was a sitting room with a wide window that looked out over the rooftops of the other homes in the development and the midtown skyline. Hanging on the wall was a framed photograph of the Atlanta skyline. In the bedroom closet was a fair amount of highly priced men’s business and casual attire.

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