Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The lower level had the most interesting clutter. When I descended the stairs I overheard a man saying “I hope when I die a lot of people I don’t like go poking thought all my stuff”. Here in the basement was more plush and a large selection of holiday décor. Most of it was for Xmas including a pair of snow people labeled snowbirds, a snowman playing a piano and two large metallic reindeer with candelabra on their antlers. On the floor in that room was an unopened box of a kit for making prints of your pet dog’s feet. Another room had a selection of garish Halloween décor featuring smiling plastic jack-o-lanterns and a stunned looking five-foot scarecrow. There was a selection of sports and recreation goods found in the basement including skis, roller blades, ice skates, golf clubs and a bowling ball. On the floor of one room were two boxes of college economics textbooks with a handsaw painted with a pastoral scene resting on top. Nearby was a box of Lps by artist such as Gino Vanelli, Taylor Dayne, Queen and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A door in the basement led to a garage that contained a treadmill, a pair of Realistic speakers, more boxes of golf balls, several bathroom light fixtures in their original boxes, a shop vac, a wooden cutout of one of the Snow White drawfs and a variety of garden chemicals.I bought the realistic speakers for ten dollars.

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